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What can the zodiac signs expect in 2021?

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2021 is the year of the metal white bull. The bull is not your rat. He is reliable and hardworking. Therefore, we expect the best from him. Change awaits each of us. But which ones? This can be predicted with the help of the horoscope by the sign of the zodiac.
Aries, it's time for your creativity. Various interesting projects and works are waiting for you. Wait for the arrival of a super team that will help you achieve success. After all, they will be as close to you in spirit as possible. The main thing is not to lose your desire and persistence in your work.
You will wake up your former passion for work. You will have the opportunity to complete all the projects you have started. Your hard work will be appreciated. Many will get promoted.
Your ability to find a common language with different people will coolly help you achieve new heights. Remember that Mars will be in your sign from March 4th to April 23rd. This is the perfect time for action. If you are preparing a new project or want to start a business, do everything in this period.
This year, you need to pull yourself together and act boldly and confidently. You very often have to sacrifice your own interests, happy about the happiness of loved ones.
a lion
In the year of the bull, lions will not lose their leadership positions. To achieve heights, you should pay great attention to new proposals, even if initially they seem strange to you. The grace of fate will fall on you this year. Catch and do not give. Do not forget about those around you, alone you will not succeed.
This sign suffered significantly in the year of the rat, but this does not mean that there is no end to failures. The bull likes you, so quickly deal with the consequences of 2020 and implement your plans in 2021.
Both successes and failures will come into your life. You can endure everything if you are strong. Try to pay more attention to winning than losing. This year will give you a powerful burst of creative energy, put it in the right direction.
Here, too, not everything is so smooth. You have a cherished dream, plan and go for it. You will achieve your goal if you do not give up when you encounter minor flaws that will try to unbalance you. We recommend that you do not throw everything out on your family. Keep your temper to yourself, because there is a huge chance of losing one.