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What happens after giving up meat?

Vegetarianism is gaining more and more momentum every day. But this does not mean that all people want to follow this trend. A large number do not at all recognize such a movement without meat, and only eat traditional dishes.
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Today we decided to understand the topic of vegetarianism, or rather find out how refusing meat affects our body.
Inflammation levels decrease
Meat, cheese and highly processed foods cause inflammation in our body. As a result, there is a great chance of getting a heart attack or stroke. You can also suffer from diabetes, atherosclerosis and even cancer, by the way, the latter is very often provoked by red meat. Vegetarianism, in turn, relieves inflammation. And this is not surprising, because the foods that are included in a plant-based diet are high in fiber in their composition.
Lowering blood cholesterol levels
What do you think are the main killers in our country? We are talking about cardiovascular diseases and strokes. These diseases are caused by high blood cholesterol levels. Meat, in turn, is saturated with fats, which cause high cholesterol.
Positive changes in genes
 Antioxidants are needed to start repairing our DNA and altering gene expression. And we get them from plant foods. Also, thanks to a lot of studies, scientists have shown that such a diet helps to slow down cell aging.
The correct amount of protein is maintained
Some people believe that excess protein in our body leads to a lot of strength and energy. After all, protein makes us healthy. But in fact, this is nonsense. Excess protein has a detrimental effect on our body. And it is very likely if you eat meat. Excess weight is excess protein. So, if you want to look slim and fit, pay attention to vegetarianism, or just eat less meat.