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Phantom time

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Scientists' arguments

Illig and Nimitz are fully convinced that you and I are not living in the twenty-first, but in the eighteenth century. After all, two hundred ninety-seven years were added to the chronicle of life. They were not the first in history to have this opinion. But it was they who tried to logically prove their thought to humanity.
Let's start with the fact that the fall of the Roman Empire significantly pushed European civilization aside, both culturally and scientifically. Europe has felt the Dark Ages. But we do not know much about this period. We know only the activities of the French king. This was where the valuable evidence ended. The Roman Empire is created in the 10th century. It contained Germanic lands. Then Otto 3 came to the throne. In 999, he also seized spiritual power. On the throne by the Pope, he put his supporter, who incredibly wanted to go down in history and meet in his status the year 1000 from Christmas.
At that time, Constantine VII was emperor in Byzantium, he was a relative of Ottan. In Byzantium, a census of books took place, the style of writing was changed. In this way, he changed not only the style of writing, so that it would be easier to read, but also corrected all the unfavorable moments in the history of Byzantium. As a result of all this, the trio decided to enter into a conspiracy and change history by adding 297 days. Thanks to the power they had, it was quite easy and possible to carry out the plan.
A large number of documents and calendars prove this all very well. Important construction projects are also proof. In Europe, they are catastrophically few in 297 years, and in Byzantium, it is generally believed that there was a ban on the construction of a new one. But it even sounds crazy.