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Fruits and vegetables that can be used for cleaning

The most popular Ossetian pies of that week were with meat filling. And this is not surprising at all. After all, how can you pass by thin, homemade, ruddy dough with juicy, nourishing, aromatic and unusually tasty filling? The taste of this dish is unique and it is simply unrealistic to forget it.

Our bakery knows that all customers love juiciness, so the dough in Ossetian pies is several times less than the fillings. Thanks to the unique, traditional cooking method, the cake is soft, but the dough remains crispy.

An amazing and perfectly matched combination of all the products that are included in the filling give each client a feeling of elation and euphoria. With our Ossetian pies, you will not only forget about the feeling of hunger, but will also be able to satisfy absolutely all the needs of the body. Delivery of Ossetian pies is available throughout Kiev.

Most meat fillings include onions. This is an unusually tasty and healthy product that gives the filling incredible juiciness. Did you know that onions can also be used in a great way, not only in cooking, but also in harvesting. Surprisingly, if you want to qualitatively get rid of dirt and numerous fat in the oven, then we advise you to heat it up a little and try to grate it with onion, or rather with its juice. In this product, with the help of oxygen, sour is produced, which is able to overcome fat.


Few people know, but the inside of a banana can be polished. After all, the banana peel has a miraculous gel on its surface. It is very noticeable when a person just steps on it and can instantly fall. This fact earlier, during the war, helped the Americans to lower their huge ships into the water.
Use banana peels to rub down large leaves of flowers. So you will not only help the plant get rid of the dust layer, but also fertilize the leaves. Thanks to this method, the plant will feel much better.


The glory of these nuts has long reached our edges. As well as banana peels, young walnuts are used for polishing. Only banana is used for plants, but nuts for furniture. They give natural wood a delightful shine. But do not rub everything with a whole walnut, so you can scratch everything. To do this, crush the product. Only after that to direct beauty.

Potato peel

Surprisingly, with the help of potatoes, or rather its peel, you can get rid of rust from old silverware. This is a cool alternative to store-bought chemicals, besides, it copes no worse than purchased acids.
To peel old silver, grind potato skins and baking soda in a blender. Then rub the items you need. The result will pleasantly surprise you.