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How to live longer?

The most important question of the century: how to live more. A large number of people think about this issue constantly. Everyone wants to live forever. Centenarians are breaking their own records every day. How do they manage all this? Here we have collected all the most reliable information on this matter.

Tips on how to live longer

1. Move more
Sport is an insanely important component of longevity. To live longer, you need to have good health, and an active lifestyle will help you with this. If you don't have the time or desire to exercise, active walking will be sufficient. Take just ten minutes a day for this. Over time, increase the time to fifteen, and ideally twenty minutes. The result will not be long in coming. You will feel a surge of strength, energy, and the work of your body will also improve. Studies have shown that a person's age directly depends on the pace of walking. The faster you move, the more you will live.
2. Build muscle
Cardiovascular diseases, fractures, frequent falls are signs of atrophy. Which appears with age, provided that your muscles disappear, lose their former strength. In order to get around this all, it is worth attaching attention to aerobic exercise and stretching.
3. Train your brain
Not only our body needs exercise, but also our brain. To do this, you need to play more. Find on the Internet various games for logic, analysis, maybe even complex riddles and do it. After all, studies were carried out in which more than two thousand people of stately age participated, followed for ten years. Scientists have found that those who played these games lived longer.
4. Eat more fish
On the Internet, magazine, articles, you can find a huge amount of information and evidence of the benefits of Omega-3. The acids not only improve the skin, but also improve the lipid profile of the blood. As a result, the risk of heart disease is reduced.
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5. Drink more green tea
Trust me, all these sodas are not worth one cup of quality green tea. Indeed, in its composition it contains powerful antioxidants. And they prevent the development of diabetes and heart disease. If you want to increase your chance of living more by 12 percent, drink five glasses of green tea a day.