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Best Christmas Movies

The New Year is coming very soon. A holiday that many are crazy about. Gifts, meeting friends, Christmas parties, delicious food and a chance to start a new year. And what about those who have not yet managed to join this festive atmosphere? How to make a festive mood? If you are not inspired by beautifully decorated Christmas trees, then you should come to the second plan - watch movies. Thanks to this method, you will definitely liven up.
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Top best mood movies

This 2003 film will bring you a festive atmosphere. Despite such a distant year, acute social problems are revealed in it. Therefore, "Elf" is suitable for watching the whole family together. It will be interesting for children to watch amazing adventures, and adults to reflect on global things. The film tells about a boy who climbed into Santa's bag as a child and flew with him to the North Pole, where he was adopted by a local elf. Over time, the boy grew up and decided to find his father, whom he did not care at all. But that was not the boy's only problem. It turned out that people don't believe in Santa. What will the "elf" do? How will he bring everyone back to the Christmas spirit? And you will find out after watching.
Four Christmases
One of the best American comedies about family values ​​and celebration. The main characters of the film are a couple who cannot stand family life. They are used to having a cool time, but they are not going to be a family, as is customary. And on Christmas, they wanted to fly to the sea, but all flights were canceled, and since they were shown on television, they could not hide from their relatives. They were forced to celebrate with loved ones. Relatives provided no sugar. Therefore, the couple found themselves in real survival mode. Their relationship was undergoing a monstrous test. Do you think the young people coped with all the tests?
The name speaks for itself. This is a Christmas American comedy. Three friends from childhood are used to celebrating Christmas together, but times go by, the guys have matured. One will soon have a child, the second famous athlete. They decide to end this tradition, as a result their friendship collapses.