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Sleep behavior disorder is considered sleepwalking. While the human brain is sound asleep, the body makes various movements. But the interesting thing is that after waking up, sleepwalkers do not remember this. Most often, such a violation occurs in children. Presumably between the ages of three and nine. Sleepwalking is hereditary, it can come to light even in adolescence very unexpectedly.
In fact, people who are sleepwalking do not just sleepwalk. They can easily start eating food, or rearrange some furniture in the house. But the scary thing is that they can leave the house and even drive in this state.

Causes of sleepwalking

At this time, the reasons for this phenomenon are not fully understood. But scientists have several guesses as to why this might be happening. The most important reason is psychological problems.
Typically, such actions during sleep occur during non-awakening from the deep sleep phase. Essentially, a person is between sleep and reality. Very often sleepwalkers get a lot of injuries. After all, they can hit or even seriously fall and get injured. Many people try to pull the sleepwalker out of this state, but are they doing the right thing?

Why can't sleepwalkers be woken up?

Do not do this
A large number of people are sure that it is dangerous to wake a person who moves at night. But why? Sleepwalkers are very vulnerable during this period. This awakening can cause serious mental health problems. Friends, this is a myth. Not one such fact has been scientifically proven. Therefore, we conclude that it is possible to touch and even wake up a person suffering from sleepwalking, and even in some situations it is necessary that he does not harm himself. But is it necessary to constantly resort to such methods? How to do it right?
During sleepwalking. People move with open eyes, but do not react at all to any social things. They simply do not hear you, so there is absolutely no point in waking you up with any words.
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