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Myths about honey

Spring will come very soon, so you urgently need to put your body and body in order after winter. What should be done? First, of course, you should go in for sports and fill your body with vitamins. This will improve your skin significantly, you will immediately feel much better.
Fruit drinks from our famous bakery are ready to help you and add the missing vitamins to your body. On our site you can choose any types and tastes. They are quite versatile. Therefore, they can be bought and drunk both separately and together with our most delicious Ossetian pies in Kiev. Only here you can easily find what you want. After all, just look at this huge assortment. Thin, soft, homemade dough combined with a hearty juicy filling gives everyone wings of delight. You can pick up the order yourself, but it will be better, faster and more comfortable to place the delivery. Our bakery's couriers are punctual and fast. Your order will arrive to you in perfect condition anywhere in Kiev.
Also, a very large number of people restore their body after the winter period with honey. This product is extremely popular in Ukraine. Perhaps this was the reason for the formation of so many myths about honey. Our team has already figured out everything and is ready to share this unique information with you.

Altai honey is the best

In fact, whatever they say there, but this is not a myth. Yes, Altai honey is considered the most delicious. To begin with, bees are very responsive to climate change, chemical emissions, and temperature changes. And, as we know, Altai honey is harvested where there are no factories with numerous emissions, thai agricultural crops are not widespread there. That is why the honey from those places is pure and unusually tasty.

Honey must be stored at room temperature

It's a delusion. Honey brings recovery in the first place, and only then it is a dessert. Therefore, you need to pay attention to how and under what conditions to preserve all its useful properties for a long time. Few people know, but honey is stored in a cold and fairly humid place. It can even be stored in sub-zero temperatures. Do not forget also the fact that honey perfectly absorbs other odors. Do not make a gross mistake, do not put honey next to products that have strong odors.
Honey can ferment, which is why it is so important to adhere to all sealing rules. You need to close the jar of honey well so that moisture does not get in. And if you want to keep honey for a long period, it is better to place it in a dark closet or cellar.

You can't start the morning with honey!

Already many are used to drinking a glass of water in the morning. But few people know that it would be even better to add a spoonful of honey there. Thus, the water becomes similar to blood plasma. This is all very well absorbed by the body. Such use of honey improves your immunity, improves the functioning of the intestines and stomach. Also, this drink has an antibacterial effect.