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Myths about the nutrition of those who live in the White House

Ossetian pies of our bakery are gaining more and more popularity every day. They are ordered not only for a quiet family dinner, but also for parties, meetings with friends and even for a wedding table. Each guest of the holiday will be happy to enjoy such dishes. Our bakery is insanely famous not only for a huge selection of fillings, but also for the impeccable quality of products. All products that make up the Ossetian pie are carefully checked. Also, do not forget that the ingredients for the Ossetian pie are perfectly matched. So that after a meal does not cause stomach discomfort. After our Ossetian pies you will not feel heaviness, because they do not contain fat in their composition. Therefore, Ossetian pies are still considered the best lunch in the office. Pies perfectly saturate your body with energy and vitamins. Delivery of Ossetian pies is carried out throughout Kiev.
Ossetian pies of our bakery would not even be ashamed to be served on the table in the White House. By the way, have you heard the fact that the chefs who work there still do it according to the rules of 1792. I wonder if this is true or not? Today our bakery decided to deal with myths and truthful information about the nutrition of the inhabitants of this well-known building.

All food is tasted initially by special people

For quite a long time, all the people of the world were sure that in the White House there is a special person, a taster, who initially, independently tastes every prepared dish. But, the cook, who has worked in this building for a long time, has been assuring for many years that such a profession does not exist.
But this does not mean that there is no security system there. The President is very well protected. Food is carefully checked not only for the presence of poison, but also for its effect on the body. After all, the food should not only please the president, but also be well accepted by his stomach and not cause allergic reactions.

The chef must be in touch around the clock

The chief cannot turn off the phone even at night. If the president spends the night in the White House, then the kitchen here automatically becomes round the clock. But such night snacks of the head of state are not daily torture for cooks. At least, people have not heard about this in newspapers and news.
But even if the boss has to go to work at night, he is legally unable to get overtime. His salary for the year is well established. As they say, not a cent more, not a cent less.

Sometimes cooks only have to boil eggs

This is true information. Every Easter there is a themed party for the kids. To get it, you need to boil more than 14 thousand eggs and paint them by hand.