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Indian food myths

During the quarantine period and mass diseases, it is better to minimize contact with people and exits to crowded places. But what to do if you want to relax and have a tasty meal. The delivery service comes to the rescue. In our bakery, this service is one hundred percent developed. After all, only we have such punctual, conscious and talented workers. Our couriers respect the time of our beloved customers. We know how you value every second. Therefore, we always bring Ossetian pies on time.

Our bakery has a huge selection of toppings for Ossetian pies. Starting with meat, fish and even cheese fillings, ending with sweet juicy fillings for Ossetian pies. We also offer vegetarian Ossetian pies.

Also, do not forget to pay attention to promotions and super offers from our most delicious bakery in Kiev. With all our work, we refute the most important myth of culinary - tasty means expensive. By the way, did you know that everything we know about Indian cuisine from TV shows and films is actually a myth. Now we will put all the dots above and. After all, Indian food is not as spicy and simple as we used to think it is.

Indian cuisine is harmful to health

We all know that cuisine in India is insanely greasy and very spicy. That is why it is very difficult to believe that such food can do more than just harm. But, as in other peoples and traditions, Indian cuisine has both disadvantages and advantages. Lentils are considered the most popular food. And she, in turn, contains a large amount of minerals and vitamins. Also protein and fiber. Few people know, but this product is necessary for everyone, because it is very useful for the heart.
Also, when you go to any restaurant in India and look at the menu, you will immediately find many vegetarian options. Therefore, despite the fact that fatty snacks with a lot of oil, or high-calorie desserts can be found in Indian cuisine, the overall cooking is not bad.

Indian cuisine is the same everywhere

It is believed that Indian cuisine is exactly the same in all regions, but this is not at all the case. For example, in central India, people love meat and curry. But in the southern part, the most popular products are rice and lentils. The food in Rajasthan is mostly vegetarian.

Cooking Indian food at home is very difficult

Of course, Indian women and girls can spend the whole day at the stove, preparing meals for all family members. But in order to cook one dish, for example, in our Ukraine, such efforts are not needed. For cooking, you need only delicious, aromatic Indian spices.