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Unexpected facts about nutrition

Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are the most popular topic of conversation. Only the laziest did not talk about it. On the Internet you can find a lot of bloggers, fitness trainers, professionals, doctors with their pages about nutrition, nutritionists who tell something unreal every day. But now we have prepared the most unexpected information about this area. Below are some of the top nutritional facts that will shock you.
Let's talk about appetite and hunger
People very often confuse the concept of hunger and high appetite. And this, for a second, is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. It is very important to listen to the needs of our stomach, but not to indulge it in everything. Let's take a situation as an example. On the table is a fragrant, soft, hearty and delicious Ossetian pie from our beloved bakery. Its smells drive you crazy, drooling, head spinning. You can't think of anything other than this juicy filling and soft dough that melts in your mouth. And you pounce on a piece of this yummy. This is appetite. And hunger is a completely different state. When you really want to eat, then you have a rumbling in the stomach, pain in the side and begins to suck in the stomach. In this way, the body shows that it’s time to recharge. Remember, to maximize the benefits of your food, do not go into a state of absolute hunger. When you're ready to eat a whole cow straight. Therefore, whenever you feel like eating at least a little, call us right away and order your favorite kind of Ossetian pie. Perhaps you like it with meat, or fish, maybe you will like cheese more. Our couriers will very quickly and efficiently deliver Ossetian pies to you, because we love and value every second of our customers' time.
Feeling full
We receive all our emotions and feelings through the main organ - the brain. The feeling of satiety or hunger comes only when the stomach has sent impulses to the brain about its condition. But information takes time to generate income. Scientists have measured this gap long ago. It takes twenty minutes to feel full, or vice versa.
Dinner after eighteen o'clock
Very often you can hear such a guarantee of a successful diet and weight loss: you can not eat after 18 hours. But it is not so. In order to lose weight, you need to focus only on your internal clock and rhythm of life. For example, if you go to bed early, at about 20-21, then of course after 18 hours, you do not want to eat, but if you are an owl, then you can eat. The most important thing is not to eat three or four hours before bedtime.
Give up sweets
Why give up sweets when you can just make delicious, sweet desserts yourself. And if you don't have time or desire to cook, then order our famous Ossetian pies with sweet berry filling. This cake will not harm your figure and your health in any way. After all, our Ossetian pies are not only tasty, but also very healthy. Moreover, in our bakery you can pick up any filling. We have a lot of them. As they say for every taste and color. Choose what works best for you. Call, order and enjoy the taste.