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Incredibly interesting facts about avocado

Ossetian pies from our famous bakery are your perfect breakfast. Of course, our regular customers will immediately agree with this, but if you are visiting our site for the first time, we will now give you a short excursion into our products.

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Just look at what beautiful Ossetian pies we have. Pictures on the site correspond to the real look. But the plus of our bakery is not in beauty, but in taste. Juicy, hearty, insanely fragrant and incredibly tasty Ossetian pies will give you an unreal boost of energy and positive for the whole day. Also, thanks to perfectly selected fillings, your body gets all the vitamins it needs with breakfast.

Also, a large number of people choose avocado for breakfast. After all, there are a huge number of ways to prepare it. But few people know about this product. Our team decided to fix it.

Avocado facts that few people know

1. It is interesting that avocado is translated from the Aztec dictionary as a man's testicle. Perhaps due to this name, this product began to be called the drug of love and fertility.
2. In the avocado tree, we can identify the feminine and masculine gender by the flowers. But they grow at completely different times. Thus, the risk of self-pollination is minimized.
3. Many people think of avocado as a vegetable, but it is actually a fruit. Cinnamon and bay leaves are relatives of our fruit. According to human traditions, they can be considered cousins.
4. If not for the avocado, then the Spanish conquistadors in the sixteenth century in Mexico, would have lost their lives. Thanks to the conquests, the fruit moved to America.
5. Few people know, but there are more than 500 varieties in avocado. But the oldest trees on which these fruits grow are already about 400 years old.
6. In Europe, avocados are produced only in Spain.
7. The avocado tree gives not only delicious fruits, but also healthy leaves from which medicinal teas are made.
8. If you bought a green avocado, don't be upset. It can ripen already in your home. You just need to wrap it in craft paper and let it rest for about two to four days. And if you need it even faster, then wrap the banana here.