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Pantohematogen, what is it?

Ossetian pies of our bakery are gaining more and more popularity every day. And this is not surprising at all. After all, only here you can taste the real taste of homemade pies. We are the only bakery in Kiev that adheres to traditions and always uses an oven rather than a stove for cooking. This gives the thin dough a crisp appearance, and the filling becomes several times juicier.

On our site there is a huge selection of Ossetian pies. As they say for every taste and color. If you need a very satisfying snack, we recommend paying attention to Ossetian meat pies. Despite the juiciness of the filling, after the meal you will not have a feeling of heaviness, because our bakery's Ossetian pies do not contain fat. We also have excellent combinations with fish and cheese filling. Large selection of sweet cakes and even vegetarian ones.

In addition to Ossetian pies, our bakery is rich in various drinks. Fruit drinks are your best choice. First, I would like to say that they are ideal for absolutely all types of pies. Also fruit drinks contain a huge amount of vitamins. And this is insanely important for our body during a pandemic.
Delivery of Ossetian pies is carried out throughout Kiev. With us you will forget what hunger is. The pies will arrive at your place in perfect condition, at the appointed time.
Ossetian pies are perfect for parties or just meeting friends. Invite them to your home, order the most delicious food, with our huge selection you can easily please absolutely all guests, and have a great time. In addition to food, you can surprise your friends with new interesting information. For example, about pantohematogen.

What it is?

It is a potent component that humans get from the young horns of the maral. It is obtained from blood when antlers start to grow actively. Animals do not suffer from this, they are not tortured and, moreover, they do not take their lives.
Antlers are cut from small deer. These are not horns, they are much softer, have fluff and, most importantly, their blood circulates. And it, in turn, contains a large amount of active biological substances (twenty important amino acids for our life). Still nothing can compare with the strength and usefulness of pantohematogen.
The cost of pantogematogen is very high, and this is not surprising at all, because it is insanely useful. This natural adaptogen strengthens our body to such an extent that it can cope with various diseases on its own.

The benefits of pantohematogen

• Excellent tones.
• Strengthens the immune system, significantly increases the body's ability to defend itself, develops resistance to infections.
• Helps cope with nervousness.
• Also copes with diseases of the cardiovascular system.
• Normalizes sleep.
• Improves the body's adaptation to various changes in the weather.
• Thanks to this component, you increase the work of the brain, thereby become smarter and increase your physical capabilities.
• Also influences the aging process. He slows it down.
• Speeds up at times the process of recovery from injuries.