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Why do we feel tired after eating?

You have definitely noticed at least once that after eating you feel a drop in energy and incredible sleepiness. But how can this be, because food gives us strength for life. What does it depend on? Several things affect sleepiness - these are undoubtedly the foods you eat, what time you eat, and in what conditions. Also, a lot depends on the rate of eating.

Stress while eating

The state of stress has a detrimental effect on the entire body. He also did not bypass the assimilation of food. First, let's figure out what stress is. In simple words, this is adrenaline. And it does not in the best way affect the formation of the body's ability to produce stomach acid. The result is discomfort. This provokes lethargy in eating. During times of stress, your body is confident that you have a battle on your nose. Therefore, he simply diverts blood flows from, in his opinion, not very important processes. After all, digestion will not help to cope with the enemy.
Frequent consumption of caffeine, the constant rush to eat - all this is stress. To avoid fatigue after eating, try to control your breathing. Various meditations help a lot in this. Before eating, take a deep, calm breath in and out. Thus, you give the body a signal for normal digestion. This is how you show that you are safe.

The role of fats and carbohydrates

And if there is no stress, but still the feeling of heaviness after lunch is present. In this situation, the so-called quick snack is a vein. Eating a lot of carbohydrates. Food enters the body, it quickly absorbs a tiny percentage of starch fats. All this turns into sugar, glucose. As a result, it enters the bloodstream and thereby stimulates the production of insulin. Yes, you will quickly get enough of such a dinner, but not for long, and besides, you will feel a significant breakdown.
But with fiber, the situation is completely different. After all, it slows down the flow of sugar into our blood.
What about fat? After all, we know that it is simply an irreplaceable thing for good health. Fats act like fiber. They slow down the entry of glucose into the blood. This way, you feel full for longer.
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