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Children`s mental health

Children are very vulnerable creatures. It is during this period that the mental health of the future adult individual is formed. The slightest ban on anything can turn into childhood trauma. Therefore, you need to be very careful with this. Try to negotiate with a small extortionist or find an alternative. For example, for statistics, children most of all ask their parents to buy them some sweets. They always choose bright products, and experience shows that the brighter the candy, the more harmful it is. In such cases, parents want to protect their offspring and do not allow them, thereby worrying about their well-being. But children do not understand this, so there are many resentments and misunderstandings. An alternative to this type of sweets is our famous sweet Ossetian pies. With their aroma and beautiful appearance, they will amaze children. It's delicious for the kids, they got their way, my mother bought sweets, she's still so big and satisfying. And parents are calm, because our pies are of high quality, fresh, vitamin and healthy. Our Ossetian pies are even ordered for children's birthdays instead of cakes. This is the highest praise for us.
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  Today we will discuss the topic of children's mental health and how to calculate possible problems in order to instantly get rid of them.
1. Naturally, all children depend on their mood. They can be very hot-tempered, aggressive, screaming, and sleep disturbances. This is normal only if not constantly and does not interfere with life. If you notice that the child cannot calm down in any way, it is worth contacting a professional. After all, it is better to solve a small issue of communication with a doctor and find out how to do everything peacefully, than then at a conscious age to get rid of the consequences for a long time.
2. Anxiety in children may appear as early as two years. This disorder is easy to identify. The child constantly shows aggression, unhealthily tries to avoid people, he has constant psychos. This should serve as a signal to parents that something is wrong. Yes, at such a small age this does not represent a huge problem, but the child will grow up and in adolescence it will be very difficult for him. Sometimes these kids are afraid of what they shouldn't.
3. Many parents at an early age try to stuff their children with different tutors so that he, for example, knows better foreign languages. But they forget about the main thing - initially you need to show the baby how to cope with difficulties without hysterics, and then you can start everything else.