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The most interesting facts about the New Year

New Year is celebrated on a grand scale in many countries. Delicious food is always on the tables, for example, our famous Ossetian pies. They serve as a complement and as main dishes for the holiday. And this is not surprising at all, because only in our bakery you can choose Ossetian pies for the whole company. Even if everyone has different tastes. We are unique in our field. We do the job perfectly with love. The main thing for us is that the customer likes food and service. In the reviews you can find a large number of pleasant and grateful stories, which means that we are doing everything right. Juicy, fragrant, fresh, hearty pies that are also made with great love, well, that's what could be better. On our website you can order not only Ossetian pies, but also various drinks for them. We advise you to take fruit drinks, because they have a lot of vitamins that are so necessary for the winter time, and that also in cases with coronavirus. You don't have to worry about delivery, in our team even it is developed at a high level. After all, we know the value of time, and we do not want to delay you. We deliver Ossetian pies anywhere in Kiev.
For many people, New Year is the most important holiday of the year, so they prepare for it in advance. They buy beautiful jewelry, come up with a place for celebration, a menu and invite guests. But in fact, according to statistics, not a large number of people know about this holiday a little more than the norm that was told to us at school. So we decided to fix it.

Interesting facts about your favorite holiday

1. What is the symbol of the New Year for you? Most will say - a tree. Do you know who and where broke all the records in this regard? The largest decorated Christmas tree in the world is considered to be the beauty from Rio de Janeiro. The Christmas tree from Brazil reaches 76 meters in height. And this, for a second, is a twenty-story building.
2. If not for the case in 1895, when the Christmas tree was first decorated in the USA in front of the White House, then we would not have such a wonderful tradition of decorating it with garlands. But they began to decorate with toys only when there was no apple harvest. After all, before that, the tree was decorated with them. Thanks to this event, apples were replaced by toys.
3. Now on the Internet you can see a lot of interesting pictures when the trees are bolted to the ceiling. Now - this is no whiter than a joke. But in medieval Europe it was a tradition.
4. If you love pies, then you definitely need to visit Tibet during the New Year celebrations. There people give them out for free on the street. It is generally accepted that the more pies you distribute to passers-by, the happier your year will be.
5. But in Italy, at this time you need to be careful. Indeed, in many provinces, the old tradition has been preserved - to throw unnecessary things from windows.
6. Thanks to Roman traditions that have been carried over to us, we exchange various gifts on New Year's Eve. By the way, the saying that we are used to hearing and saying before the holiday also came from those parts. "As you celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it" - a favorite saying of the Romans.