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Amazing stories of the most famous dishes

We eat with you every day. But we very rarely think about what it is and how it ended up on our table. For example, when you order the most delicious Ossetian pies in Kiev in our bakery, you wonder how they were made, or simply enjoy this unique taste of a juicy, aromatic filling, and thin dough that keeps in your mouth. Of course not. The main thing for you is that the pies are delicious and the delivery is fast. Our bakery can honestly boast of a high level of service and delivery. After all, our couriers are never late, which is why we are considered the best in our business. We deliver the most delicious Ossetian pies even to the office for lunchtime.
So, people do not think about how this dish was even born. Although very often fascinating stories are hidden behind famous recipes.
People from the Mesolithic could afford black caviar
Gourmet food existed even before restaurants and before their prices rose. Scientists have proved that our ancestors did not deny themselves a very tasty soup with black caviar. Pieces of such a delicacy were found by archaeologists on the remains of ancient dishes. Now such a soup would be very similar to a Chinese or Japanese soup made from the most delicious seafood. In our world, only a very rich person could afford such a dish.
Vanilla was donated to deceased family members
Previously, everyone was sure that vanilla appeared only during the time of the Aztecs in South Africa. But the years go by, science flourishes, and scientists find more and more interesting things. Thanks to such excavations, archaeologists have charmed vanilla in a tomb on the territory of our Israel. This find turned knowledge about this product upside down. It turns out that our ancestors discovered the virtues of vanilla even earlier. Archaeologists found traces of vanilla in three jugs that stood in the mounds as a sacrifice. But how did she even get into this part of the World? There is a theory that vanilla was transported as a trade item. Nowadays, natural vanilla is considered the second most expensive spice in the world. After saffron, of course.
Does wine exactly appear in Italy?
In fact, wine appeared in Europe after another test for our humanity - the Ice Age. Our ancestors began to think not only about how to survive and not freeze, but also how to make wine. Scientists have found the oldest wine. The alcohol that was unearthed in Georgia fits the description of modern wine more. The same cannot be said for the alcohol found in China. Even then, people knew that wine is better stored in ceramics.
Bread appeared before agriculture
In Jordan, scientists stumbled upon completely inconspicuous black spots, initially no one could even imagine that this was food. These crumbs turned out to be the oldest bread on our planet. This bread is more than 14 thousand years old. They are 4000 years older than agriculture. Our ancestors collected wild seeds of barley, oats and wheat. All this ancient tribes used to make various delicious cakes - modern bread.