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Fascinating stories from the life of a lawyer

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While you are waiting for your delicious, aromatic and such hearty Ossetian pies, we have prepared for you a couple of entertaining, and most importantly, real stories from the life of a lawyer.

There is a tape - no responsibility

This situation is very relevant for our season. After all, winter has already begun, the snow has fallen, the cold has taken all the power. Therefore, this can happen to every driver.
The man drove up to the building and parked next to it. He got out of the car and went about his business. Arriving at the scene, I was shocked. The car was damaged by a pile of frozen snow that fell directly from the roof of the building. The driver turned to the owner of the facility with a request to pay for the damage. But not everything began to take shape as the victim thought. The owner refused to pay, because there was a tape around the building, which informed everyone that it was a dangerous zone. The driver said that he had parked the car in the non-belt zones, but this argument did not work. The case was filed in court, where they found a compromise and paid the damage for the car.

Do not leave your car where they are mowing grass

The man spent a very long time collecting for a new car, and then the day came when he allowed himself to buy it. He arrived at the store with his new purchase and parked it near a beautiful lawn. When I was returning with food, I saw that the lawn was being mowed. But under the mower there were stones that mercilessly crashed into the new car body. The owner was angry and sued the store owner. Despite numerous searches in the law for an article that would fit this claim, they did not find anything. The owner is responsible for damage to the vehicle. Therefore, always pay attention to the place where you park the car, because in this situation you can rely only on the conscientiousness of the managers who do not fence the danger zone in any way.

Vacuum cleaner

A salesman came to a woman's home to sell a very expensive vacuum cleaner. The woman bought into this trap. The young man showed everything well, vacuumed the whole house and, in order to prove the complete environmental friendliness of the product, inviting the woman to throw the box into the fireplace, thus proving that there would be no trace of it. The next day, the woman realized that the purchase was too expensive and decided to return it. To which she had the right for 14 days, subject to the same configuration. But the sales agent just threw up his hands. He would be happy to help, but the woman burned the box with her own hands.