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Still believe in these cooking tips from your grandma?

Agree, even in the modern world, a very large number of people use life hacks from the past. Have you ever thought that perhaps they are no longer relevant? Our team sorted out this issue. We have prepared a list of tips from your grandmother that you shouldn't trust.
Be sure to rinse the meat before cooking
We saw how our parents do it and repeated after them, thereby making a kind of tradition. Why rinse meat before cooking? Many people think that this is how you cleanse it of germs. But this is a delusion. Only heat treatment is capable of this. Housewives who wash the meat only spread germs throughout the area.
Soda is extinguished with vinegar
We all know that in order for baking to turn out fluffy, you need to add soda there, previously quenched with vinegar. But, in fact, this is completely wrong. To increase the volume of dough, it is necessary that the soda is extinguished inside, only in this way the gases will do their job. Soda must be mixed with flour and only then, drip vinegar.
Marinade for kebabs should stand at least a day
One of the most common myths. To make the kebab juicy and soft, it needs to be infused in the marinade for at least 24 hours. But this rule does not apply to everything. Much depends on the quality of the marinade and the type of meat product. For example, six hours need to be soaked in beef, pork and lamb. But the chicken is enough from one to three hours.
 After boiling, the pasta must be washed
Attention, if you are cooking pasta, then such advice from your grandmother will only spoil the dish. Indeed, after washing, the sauce will not normally lay down on the pasta. Nowadays, people are increasingly buying products from durum wheat. You do not need to rinse such pasta.
Onions need to be scalded with boiling water
There is a life hack from my grandmother, how not to cry while slicing onions and at the same time remove all the bitterness from it. You just need to scald it. But this is not necessary. Thus, you only deprive the vegetable of a pleasant crunch. And as a result, boiled onions are already coming out, a passion for which not a large number of people have.
Here's a new, modern advice on how to achieve the desired result, remove bitterness and tears. Just leave the onion in cold water for ten minutes.
Birthdays and holidays are always equated with stove clock
In fact, for many housewives, holidays and birthdays are not fun. That and what kind of fun we can talk about, if initially you choose and compose a menu so that all guests are full and satisfied, then you go for groceries and stand for a day and a plate. Is this a holiday?
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