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With family to the country

With family to the country


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The name of this combo set speaks for itself. It is your perfect choice for a family trip. It includes three wonderful Ossetian pies and two types of our own liter fruit drink. Ossetian meat pie will ideally satisfy all taste needs of both men and women. Just look at the composition of this amazingly delicious cake. We are ready to bet that you have never met so many fillings as we have. Juicy, satisfying veal, bacon, onions for aroma and taste, dill, parsley and garlic. And the piquancy of the dish is added by the hot Jalapeno pepper. Thin yeast dough without adding eggs will not leave you indifferent. You will definitely not be able to forget the delicate, viscous filling of the Ossetian Tuscany pie. Only in our bakery you can enjoy the real ancient taste. After all, all the pies in the assortment are cooked in the oven. So the filling becomes juicier, and the dough acquires a light crunchy taste. Our bakery pleases not only adults, but also children. On our site there is a large number of different types of Ossetian pie fillings for children. One of the most popular is the Children's Ossetian pie, which is included in the combo set “With the family to the dacha”. The pie filling includes colored candied fruits and cottage cheese. The menu also includes two types of fruit drinks: raspberry and berry. These drinks will not only reveal the hidden notes of the Ossetian pie, but also fill your body with a huge amount of vitamins. Delivery of Ossetian pies is carried out throughout Kiev.

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