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Promotion "Take it by yourself"

Every day there is an action "Take it by yourself". 30% discount on all pies. The promotion applies to all pies of all diameters (no restrictions)

The 30% discount will be counted for pies only.

The promotion is valid only for pickup!

Loyalty program terms apply to this promotion.

P.S. The promotion can be used when ordering through the basket by specifying the word Self-pickup in the comments to the order or by phone.

Attention! Promotions cannot be combined with each other!
Nowadays, more and more various establishments appear, which offer a very large selection of different food. As they say, for every taste and color. Therefore, it is very difficult for buyers to choose. After all, the main thing in a product is not advertising, but quality and taste. Very often you can hear that the order arrived not the same as in the picture, or not tasty, or generally waited for a lot more, which was reported. The result is one - a spoiled mood. To avoid such incidents, you should choose only trusted bakeries and carefully read the reviews. And if there are none, then you can safely order from us. Our bakery is always tasty and affordable. You can easily check this by going to the reviews section. You will be pleasantly surprised by what you see. "Це ПИРІГ" has a lot of regular customers. But why are we so loved?

Why are we considered one of the best bakeries in Kiev?

1) Let's start with the fact that professionals work in our bakery. The best chefs and very fast couriers. Ossetian pies are prepared only with fresh and very healthy food. Our bakery has a huge selection of Ossetian pies. For those with a sweet tooth, we have Ossetian pies with sweet berry filling. This is a cool birthday cake replacement. Such pies are often ordered for children for the holidays. After all, parents are sure that Ossetian pies are not only very tasty and children will like it, but also insanely healthy, because we do not add various dyes, from which rashes can occur.

We also have a huge selection of Ossetian cheese pies. This is just perfect for a get-together or a pleasant surprise for a girl, for example. This cake will go well with wine or champagne.
Our famous Ossetian pies are often ordered for lunch breaks in the office. Ossetian pies with meat and fish will definitely add strength to you and relieve you of hunger. After all, only here you will find such large, juicy, aromatic and very tasty fillings. Thin dough and a lot of filling, what could be better and more satisfying?
2) Our bakery is known not only for its taste, but also for its affordable prices. Our society is accustomed to the myth that if it tastes good, it means expensive. But with our work we constantly prove the opposite and refute such rumors. Just look at these small prices. But our famous bakery did not stop there. On our website you can find the "Combo" section. This is even more beneficial. After all, there are collected whole sets of Ossetian pies, sauces and drinks. So much cheaper. Combo sets are often ordered for birthdays and parties.
Also, we constantly have various promotions and discounts, so it is so important to follow our updates so as not to miss anything.
3) In the reviews, you can easily find words of gratitude for the fast delivery. Our bakery guarantees that your order will arrive on time and in perfect condition. After all, we love our clients very much and value their time. Delivery is available throughout Kiev, we bring food even to the office for lunchtime
Ossetian pies can be the main hearty food, a quick snack or a delicious dessert for tea drinking. This dish will perfectly complement any meal. The type of dough and filling determines the purpose of the baking, here options are for real gourmets and for those who just want to eat deliciously. The choice depends on your taste. Meat, cheese, sweet Ossetian pies will find their admirers thanks to the juicy and tasty filling, airy dough, delicate aroma of spices.